Marriage Counseling – What You Should Know About It

When a marriage comes to a screeching halt it is time for Tampa Marriage Counseling. While marriage counseling deals primarily with what has happened in the recent past and may cause couples to dig up even more baggage, counseling is essentially about what is happening right now. A marriage counselor wants both parties to move forward rather than reliving painful past moments.

Marriage Counseling


Couples that seek Tampa Marriage Counseling will find a plethora of sources of information to help them sort out their problems. Many local couples’ organizations offer marriage counseling. These organizations may also be a good place to find other forms of therapy such as individual counseling or group therapy. These local organizations also offer resources for online couples seeking help as well. It can be difficult to know which sources of information are the best as many are simply trying to sell you something.


If you’re considering marriage counseling in Tampa, one of the first things to do is to make an appointment with your local GP. They will be able to tell you whether or not you should pursue marriage counseling. If your spouse has filed for divorce or has asked for a divorce you should be prepared for this fact. While no one likes to think about this possibility, it is a fact of life and you should accept it and deal with it.


Couples that have explored marriage counseling understand that resolving conflicts is one of the main goals. In fact, having unresolved conflict can create more conflict in your lives and increase the level of stress in your lives. Intimacy is important for healthy relationships, so it is important to address this issue. Intimacy does not mean that you have to sleep with your spouse in order to be in love with them. Healthy relationships involve communication, open communication, sharing physical intimacy, and an emotional commitment between partners.


While it may seem that conflict makes a marriage and a couple stronger, it also makes them feel like they are weaker because they are dealing with so much conflict. This is unhealthy conflict and if couples try to push aside or ignore the problem they could lose their sense of self-worth, which can have long term negative consequences. Intimacy is important for healthy relationships and couples therapy can help couples deal with these issues.


Sometimes couples will enter marriage counseling without any specific reason. In these cases they will find the added benefit of having a marriage counselor to work with them. A Tampa therapist may be able to provide the additional support you are looking for when it comes to your divorce. As with any type of divorce, couples should seek out professional help for their particular needs and hopefully, with the support from a good marriage counseling program they will be able to successfully move forward and remain together for a long time.

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